Youth Programs

Sunday School

Children and youth are always welcome to attend worship in the sanctuary, however, families may opt for our Sunday School or nursery care, available each Sunday as COVID-19 precautions and restrictions allow.

During Sunday school children will learn, worship, and grow in community with their peers. Our program is a fun, engaging way to build faith, knowledge, and community in our youngest members. Instruction is delivered by our lead teacher, with the assistance of at least one church volunteer each week. Weekly lessons are based on the “Shine: Living In God’s Light” curriculum.

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Our Curriculum

Shine: Living in God’s Light  is a dynamic Sunday school curriculum that engages Christian communities and families in their life together by:

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Faith experienced at an early age is the foundation for all other growth. The good news we share with our children has the power to transform lives and revitalize communities. So, let’s prepare the ground for a new tomorrow, send down roots anchored in love. Let’s sow in them seeds of mercy and plant them by the river of life. Let’s teach our kids to shine in this world.

Theater Arts Program

This interfaith, multi-generational program, will offer multiple sessions of theater instruction throughout the year. These sessions will focus on theater arts, as well as exploration of the visual arts, movement, and music expression. This is an opportunity that will give multiple age groups the chance to story-tell through various creative mediums.
Each session will culminate with a child/youth-centered showcase of talent that will relate stories from the Bible to everyday life, giving us all perspective as to how these stories may help us today.  Please inquire about registration at

Kids' Nights

Each month NCC hosts a Kids’ Night. These events vary from month to month. Some examples include: family game night, kids’ pizza & movie night, sundaes & crafts, holiday parties, and family pot-luck dinners.

Holiday Celebrations

The children celebrate holidays throughout the year with themed celebrations, such as our annual trunk-or-treat and Easter egg hunt.

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